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Numerical Simulation of the Overall Transfer Impedance of Shielded Spacecraft Harness Cable Assemblies

In this paper, we present general considerations for the application of the multiconductor transmission-line theory for simulating shielded spacecraft harness cable assemblies. Some of the practical issues that occur in the modeling process of various components of cable assemblies in spacecraft applications, namely connectors, pigtails, and backshells are discussed. The overall transfer impedance of the assembly measured through a current injection with a pseudomicrostrip line is used as a figure of merit to evaluate the total shielding provided by the harness. Some of the parameters of the model were available from the manufacturers' datasheets, while others were determined either experimentally or empirically. The position of the cables along the cross section was randomly assigned by the simulation tool. In general, the obtained simulation results are found to be in reasonable agreement with the experimental data. It is found that the generally overlooked contact impedances between the cable shields and connectors play a significant role, especially at low frequencies. The presented simulation results also emphasize the importance of the inductance and resistance of the connector backshell interconnection to the spacecraft chassis.


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