MILORD: Advanced database technology for implementing a multimedia medical workstation

MILORD is a project (supported by the CEC in the context of the AIM R&D programme) implementing a prototype system able to handle in an effective and homogeneous way multimedia medical records, which represent an integrated view of patient’s data. Multimediality and advanced database technology are the key issues that are under investigation in MILORD for developing a new kind of medical workstation in which the medical staff can manage directly, for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, all the information involved in a specific hospital department, as well as access the information provided from other departments. The paper introduces the database techniques and concepts that are used in MILORD to represent, store and manipulate multimedia medical data. In particular, three modules of the system are described: the user interaction environment, the knowledge manager, and the parallel object server.

Published in:
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Image Management and Communication
Presented at:
Third International Conference on Image Management and Communication, Berlin, Germany, June 1993

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