White Working Class Communities in Lyon

White Working Class Communities in Lyon explores the views and experiences of the majority population in the 8th arrondissement (borough) of Lyon, a diverse and dense area, and socially and economically one of the most challenged areas in the city. This study is the largest and probably only empirical study on the majority population that has been conducted in France. Lyon is considered a role model in France for working actively on inclusion and cohesion issues. This report analyzes six areas of its local policy—education, employment, housing, health and social protection, policing and security, and civil and political and participation—as well as broader themes of belonging and identity and the role of the media.

London, Open Society Foundations
This report is part of a six-city research series commissioned by the Open Society Foundations, which examines the realities of people from majority populations in Aarhus, Amsterdam, Berlin, Lyon, Manchester, and Stockholm. The Lyon report can also be downloaded in French (127 pages).

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This is the same report, in French / Voici le rapport en français (127 pages):
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