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Steep-slope Metal-Insulator-Transition VO2 Switches with Temperature-Stable High ION

This work reports a detailed experimental investigation of the slope of the current switching between OFF and ON states exploiting the metal-insulator-transition in vanadium dioxide devices. The reported devices are CMOS compatible 2-terminal switches. We experimentally demonstrate for the first time the very little dependence on temperature of the steep slope of these switches, ranging from 0.24 mV/decade at room temperature, to 0.38 mV/decade at 50°C. The fabricated devices show excellent on-state conduction, with ION>1.8 mA/μm or Ron<3mΩ/μm, for the whole range of investigated temperatures (from room temperature to the MIT transition temperature), which recommends them as future candidates for steep-slope, highly conductive and temperature-stable switches.


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