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Finite element modelling of the bone-implant interface and experimental validation

Excessive interfacial micromotion endangers the implant primary stability by favoring the formation of a fibrous tissue layer at the bone-implant interface. It was recently proposed that implant micromotion induces fluid flow in the granulation tissue that forms between the implant and bone right after implantation. This fluid flow might in turn affect the differentiation of the mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) hosted in this tissue. Therefore, there is a high interest in characterizing the micromotion-induced fluid flow at the bone-implant interface. In this project, a FE model of the bone-implant interface will be used to study the influence of implant micromotion, implant geometry and material definition on fluid flow in the granulation tissue.

    Keywords: joint ; finished


    • EPFL-STUDENT-209971

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