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Magnonic crystal wave guide with large spin-wave propagation velocity in CoFeB

Propagating spin-wave spectroscopy is reported for two-dimensional CoFeB antidot lattices (ADLs) with perpendicular-to-plane magnetization. The magnonic crystals consist of square lattices of 190 nm diameter holes with different periods p. At p = 600 nm, the velocity v g of long wavelength spin-waves is reduced compared to the unpatterned reference film by up to about 30%. However, a large v g is regained when we leave out a column of nanoholes in the ADLs. Such a magnonic crystal wave guide is found to support faster spin waves than a CoFeB stripe of the same geometrical width, making the finding interesting for spin-wave guiding in integrated magnonics.


    Record created on 2015-07-08, modified on 2017-05-10


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