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Tx-Rx Lens-Based Satellite-on-the-Move Ka-Band Antenna

A simple low-cost mobile ground terminal antenna for Ka-band satellite communications is presented. The antenna is composed of a shaped dielectric lens which tilts and rotates in front of a feed to direct the beam. The wideband feed system is composed of a quad-ridged horn with a 45° slant aperture and a coaxial-to-quad-ridged circular waveguide transition. The lens allows simple mechanical beam steering from 0° to 65° in relation to the zenith and 360° in azimuth by rotating both the lens and the feed slanted aperture. Performance measurements of a manufactured prototype prove the beam tilting capabilities in elevation with a maximum gain of 22 dBi and scan loss below 3 dB at 20 GHz and 24 dBi gain with less than 4.5 dB scan loss at 30 GHz.


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