Conference paper

Energy-Aware Embedded Classifier Design for Real-Time Emotion Analysis

Detection and classification of human emotions from multiple bio-signals has a wide variety of applications. Though electronic devices are available in the market today that acquire multiple body signals, the classification of human emotions in real-time, adapted to the tight energy budgets of wearable embedded systems is a big challenge. In this paper we present an embedded classifier for real-time emotion classification. We propose a system that operates at different energy budgeted modes, depending on the available energy, where each mode is constrained by an operating energy bound. The classifier has an offline training phase where feature selection is performed for each operating mode, with an energy-budget aware algorithm that we propose. Across the different operating modes, the classification accuracy ranges from 95% - 75% and 89% - 70% for arousal and valence respectively. The accuracy is traded off for less power consumption, which results in an increased battery life of up to 7.7 times (from 146.1 to 1126.9 hours).

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