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Polarization response of nanowires a la carte

Thanks to their special interaction with light, semiconductor nanowires have opened new avenues in photonics, quantum optics and solar energy harvesting. One of the major challenges for their full technological deployment has been their strong polarization dependence in light absorption and emission. In the past, metal nanostructures have been shown to have the ability to modify and enhance the light response of nanoscale objects. Here we demonstrate that a hybrid structure formed by GaAs nanowires with a highly dense array of bow-tie antennas is able to modify the polarization response of a nanowire. As a result, the increase in light absorption for transverse polarized light changes the nanowire polarization response, including the polarization response inversion. This work will open a new path towards the widespread implementation of nanowires applications such as in photodetection, solar energy harvesting and light emission.

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