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Optical properties of V2O3 in its whole phase diagram

Vanadium sesquioxide V2O3 is considered a textbook example of Mott-Hubbard physics. In this paper, we present an extended optical study of its whole temperature/doping phase diagram as obtained by doping the pure material with M = Cr or Ti atoms (V1-x M-x)(2)O-3. We reveal that its thermodynamically stable metallic and insulating phases, although macroscopically equivalent, show very different low-energy electrodynamics. The Cr and Ti doping drastically change both the antiferromagnetic gap and the paramagnetic metallic properties. A slight chromium content induces a mesoscopic electronic phase separation, while the pure compound is characterized by short-lived quasiparticles at high temperature. This study thus provides a new comprehensive scenario of the Mott-Hubbard physics in the prototype compound V2O3.


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