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Universal helimagnon and skyrmion excitations in metallic, semiconducting and insulating chiral magnets

Nearly seven decades of research on microwave excitations of magnetic materials have led to a wide range of applications in electronics(1-4). The recent discovery of topological spin solitons in chiral magnets, so-called skyrmions(5-9), promises high-frequency devices that exploit the exceptional emergent electrodynamics of these compounds(10-14). Therefore, an accurate and unified quantitative account of their resonant response is key. Here, we report all-electrical spectroscopy of the collective spin excitations in the metallic, semiconducting and insulating chiral magnets MnSi, Fe1-xCoxSi and Cu2OSeO3, respectively, using broadband coplanar waveguides. By taking into account dipolar interactions, we achieve a precise quantitative modelling across the entire magnetic phase diagrams using two material-specific parameters that quantify the chiral and the critical field energy. The universal behaviour sets the stage for purpose-designed applications based on the resonant response of chiral magnets with tailored electric conductivity and an unprecedented freedom for an integration with electronics.


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