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Investigation of microstructure and mechanical properties of W-Y and W-Y2O3 materials fabricated by powder metallurgy method

W-2Y, W-1Y(2)O(3) and W-2Y(2)O(3) materials have been fabricated using two different powder metallurgy methods. While W-2Y and W-1Y(2)O(3) have been fabricated using mechanical alloying and hot isostatic pressing (Hipping), W-2Y(2)O(3) has been fabricated by sintering and hot forging method. Transmission electron microscopy observation reveals that W-2Y and W-1Y(2)O(3) materials have nano-structured grains whereas W-2Y(2)O(3) material has pm size grains. In both cases, the particles are distributed in homogeneously inside the grains. Berkovich hardness and 3 point bend tests confirm that in-spite of nano-structured grains, W-2Y, and W-1Y(2)O(3) materials are highly stiff and show no ductility till 1000 degrees C temperature range. In the case of W-2Y(2)O(3), the Berkovich hardness value is found to be 4.9 GPa, that is similar to the Berkovich hardness value of pure Wand 3-point bend test confirms that W-2Y(2)O(3) is ductile at 400 degrees C and above. Relation between the fabrication techniques, the microstructures and mechanical properties in W-2Y, W-1Y(2)O(3) and W-2Y(2)O(3) materials is reported. (C) 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


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