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Simulation of viscoelastic fluids in a 2D abrupt contraction by spectral element method

This study presents the vortex structure and numerical instability increase occurring when the level of elasticity is enhanced in inertial flows in planar contraction configuration for finitely extensible nonlinear elastic model by Peterlin (FENE-P) fluid . The re-entrant corner effect on corner vortices is also considered. The calculations are performed using extended matrix logarithm formulation described in a previous paper: A. Jafari et al. A new extended matrix logarithm formulation for the simulation of viscoelastic fluids by spectral elements. Computer & Fluids 2010; 39(9):1425-1438. In that reference, the proposed algorithm has been tested for simple geometry such as Poiseuille flow. In this study, we are interested in the capability of this algorithm for more complex geometry. This formulation helps to reach higher values of the Weissenberg number when compared with the classical one. Copyright (c) 2015John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.


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