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Automated multi-parameter measurement of cardiomyocytes dynamics with digital holographic microscopy

Compounds tested during drug development may have adverse effects on the heart; therefore all new chemical entities have to undergo extensive preclinical assessment for cardiac liability. Conventional intensity-based imaging techniques are not robust enough to provide detailed information for cell structure and the captured images result in low-contrast, especially to cell with semi-transparent or transparent feature, which would affect the cell analysis. In this paper we show, for the first time, that digital holographic microscopy (DHM) integrated with information processing algorithms automatically provide dynamic quantitative phase profiles of beating cardiomyocytes. We experimentally demonstrate that relevant parameters of cardiomyocytes can be obtained by our automated algorithm based on DHM phase signal analysis and used to characterize the physiological state of resting cardiomyocytes. Our study opens the possibility of automated quantitative analysis of cardiomyocyte dynamics suitable for further drug safety testing and compounds selection as a new paradigm in drug toxicity screens

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