Nd1.95NiO4+delta (NNO) cathode supported microtubular cells were fabricated and characterized. This material presents superior oxygen transport properties in comparison with other commonly used cathode materials. The supporting tubes were fabricated by cold isostatic pressing (CIP) using NNO powders and corn starch as pore former. The electrolyte (GDC, gadolinia doped ceria based) was deposited by wet powder spraying (WPS) on top of pre-sintered tubes and then co-sintered. Finally, a NiO/GDC suspension was dip-coated and sintered as the anode. Optimization of the cell fabrication process is shown. Power densities at 750 degrees C of similar to 40 mWcm(-2) at 0.5V were achieved. These results are the first electrochemical measurements reported using NNO cathode-supported microtubular cells. Further developments of the fabrication process are needed for this type of cells in order to compete with the standard microtubular solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC).