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Equivalences between blocks of p-local Mackey algebras

Let G be a finite group and (K, O, k) be a p-modular system. Let R = O or k. There is a bijection between the blocks of the group algebra and the blocks of the so-called p-local Mackey algebra mu(1)(R)(G). Let b be a block of RG with abelian defect group D. Let b' be its Brauer correspondant in N-G(D). It is conjectured by Broue that the blocks RGb and RNG(D)b' are derived equivalent. Here we look at equivalences between the corresponding blocks of p-local Mackey algebras. We prove that an analogue of the Broue's conjecture is true for the p-local Mackey algebras in the following cases: for the principal blocks of p-nilpotent groups and for blocks with defect 1.

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