Nanoparticle actuated hollow drug delivery vehicles

The trend towards personalized medicine and the long-standing wish to reduce drug consumption and unwanted side effects have been the driving force behind research on drug delivery vehicles that control localization, timing and dose of released cargo. Controlling location and timing of the release allows using more potent drugs as the interaction with the right target is ensured and enables sequential drug release. A particularly desired solution allows for externally triggered release of encapsulated compounds. Externally controlled release can be accomplished if drug delivery vehicles, such as liposomes or polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules, incorporate nanoparticle (NP) actuators. However, close control over the structure of the composite material is necessary to harness this potential. This review describes the assembly and characterization of NP functionalized liposomes and polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules that allow for externally triggered cargo release. Special attention is paid to the relationship between NP stability and the assembly and performance of NP functionalized drug delivery vehicles. © 2012 Future Medicine Ltd.

Published in:
Nanomedicine, 7, 145-164

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