The complex of Dicronorhina Hope taxa without cretaceous marks on head and body (“micans group”) is here diagnosed, discussed and revised. The type species of the genus, Scarabaeus micans Drury, 1773, is identified and re-described. D. johnstoni Waterhouse, 1902, is raised from the synonymy with D. micans and recognized as a bona species. D. kouensis Legrand et al., 2006 (pars, specimens from Burkina Faso and North Benin), is ranked subspecifically under D. micans. D. cavifrons, Westwood, 1843, is confirmed bona species. D. morettoi, nova species, is described from the Comoé National Park in North-East Ivory Coast. The characters useful for diagnosis are identified and discussed, and a key to all species and subspecies presented. It is found that the main diagnostic characters (head structure and armature; parameral apophyses) form complete transitions in a West-to-East geographic cline. A phylogenetic interpretation of these character states is presented. The valid species and subspecies of Dicronorhina Hope, micans group, are listed below: 1. D. micans (Drury, 1773) - s. str. Drury, 1773; - ssp. kouensis Legrand et al., 2006, stat. rev.; 2. D. cavifrons Westwood, 1843; 3. D. johnstoni Waterhouse, 1902, bona species; 4. D. morettoi, nova species.