Conference paper

Privacy-Preserving Photo Sharing based on a Secure JPEG

Sharing photos online is a common activity on social networks and photo hosting platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Flickr. However, after reports of citizens surveillance by governmental agencies and the scandalous leakage of celebrities private photos online, people have become concerned about their online privacy and are looking for ways to protect it. Popular social networks typically offer privacy protection solutions only in response to the public demand and therefore are often rudimental, complex to use, and provide limited degree of control and protection. Most solutions either allow users to control who can access the shared photos or for how long they can be accessed. In contrast, in this paper, we take a structured privacy by design approach to the problem of online photo privacy protection. We propose a privacy-preserving photo sharing architecture that takes into account content and context of a photo with privacy protection integrated inside the JPEG file itself in a secure way. We demonstrate the proposed architecture with a prototype mobile iOS application called ProShare that offers scrambling as the privacy protection tool for a selected region in a photo, secure access to the protected images, and secure photo sharing on Facebook.

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