Fano resonances in the nonlinear optical response of coupled plasmonic nanostructures

The coupling between metallic nanostructures is a common and easy way to control the optical properties of plasmonic systems. Even though the coupling between plasmonic oscillators has been widely studied in the linear regime, its influence on the nonlinear optical response of metallic nanostructures has been sparsely considered. Using a surface integral equation method, we investigate the second order nonlinear optical response of plasmonic metamolecules supporting Fano resonances revealing that the typical lineshape of Fano resonances is also clearly observable in the nonlinear regime. The physical mechanisms leading to nonlinear Fano resonances are revealed by the coupled oscillator model and the symmetry subgroup decomposition. It is found that the origin of the nonlinear scattered wave, i. e. the active plasmonic oscillator, can be selectively chosen. Furthermore, interferences between nonlinear emissions are clearly observed in specific configurations. The results presented in this article pave the way for the design of efficient nonlinear plasmonic metamolecules with controlled nonlinear radiation. (C) 2014 Optical Society of America

Published in:
Optics Express, 22, 24, 29693-29707
Washington, Optical Society of America

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