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Tuning the g-factor of neutral and charged excitons confined to self-assembled (Al,Ga)As shell quantum dots

We study the neutral exciton (X) and charged exciton (CX) transitions from (Al,Ga) As shell quantum dots located in core-shell nanowires, in the presence of a magnetic field. The g-factors and the diamagnetic coefficients of both the X and the CX depend on the orientation of the field with respect to the nanowire axis. The aspect ratio of the X wavefunction is quantified based on the anisotropy of the diamagnetic coefficient. For specific orientations of the magnetic field, it is possible to cancel the g-factor of the bright states of the X and the CX by means of an inversion of the sign of the hole's g-factor, which is promising for quantum information processing applications. (C) 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.


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