One-Pot Polyol Synthesis of Pt/CeO2 and Au/CeO2 Nanopowders as Catalysts for CO Oxidation

The facile one-pot synthesis of CeO2-based catalysts has been developed to prepare a relatively large amount of nanopowders with relevant catalytic activity towards CO oxidation. The method consists of a two-steps process carried out in ethylene glycol: in the first step, 5 nm well-crystallized pure CeO2 is prepared. In a subsequent second step, a salt of a noble metal is added to the CeO2 suspension and the deposition of the noble metal on the nanocrystalline CeO2 is induced by heating. Two catalysts were prepared: Pt/CeO2 and Au/CeO2. The as-prepared catalysts, the thermally treated catalysts, as well as the pure CeO2, are characterized by XRD, TGA, XPS, FTIR, HR-TEM, STEM, particle size distribution, and N-2-physisorption. In spite of the identical preparation protocol, Au and Pt behave in a completely different way: Au forms rather large particles, most of them with triangular shape, easily identifiable and dispersed in the CeO2 matrix. In contrast, Pt was not identified as isolated particles. The high resolution X-ray diffraction carried out on the Pt/CeO2 thermally treated sample (500 degrees C for 1 h) shows a significant CeO2 lattice shrinkage, which can be interpreted as an at least partial incorporation of Pt into the CeO2 crystal lattice. Moreover, only Pt2+ and Pt4+ species were identified by XPS. In literature, the incorporation of Pt into the CeO2 lattice is supported by first-principle calculations and experimentally demonstrated only by combustion synthesis methods. To the best of our knowledge this is the first report where ionically dispersed Pt into the CeO2 lattice is obtained via a liquid synthesis method. The thermally treated Pt/CeO2 sample revealed good activity with 50% CO conversion at almost room temperature.

Published in:
Journal Of Nanoscience And Nanotechnology, 15, 5, 3530-3539
Valencia, Amer Scientific Publishers

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