We developed used a WebGIS platform prototype (GenMon) based on open source software (PostgreSQL, PostGIS, OpenLayers, Geoserver), to assess pedigree information, geographical concentration, socio-economic and environmental information. GenMon includes PopRep developed by the Institute of Farm Animal Genetics (FLI, Germany) to run the pedigree analysis and to provide parameters such as inbreeding coefficient, effective population size. In parallel, the combined socio-economic/environmental index assesses the attractiveness and the risk of potential future agricultural practice abandonment in the regions where populations are bred. Finally, a multi-criteria decision support tool aggregates criteria using the MACBETH method, which is based on a weighted average using satisfaction thresholds. The system permits to upload basic information for each animal (parents, birth date, sex, location, introgression) and to choose relevant weighting parameters and thresholds.