Augmented Reality on your Smartphones

Nowadays, mobile phone applications become more and more impressive, while the programming languages related to them offers more possibilities for new applications. One of these possibilities is the domain of the augmented reality, which consists of an application allowing the user to visualize the camera overview and on his foreground some elements displayed depending on the goal of the application. The well-known examples of augmented reality applications are the image recognition, 3D models and animations, video augmentations or, like I want for the project, location based services with geo data. This last one is interesting because this the kind of application that I’m going to implement for my Bachelor Project. This is an interesting and very rewarding because, although it is a spectacular final application, and moreover it is a concrete project in constant evolution. The difference between this kind of application compared to the others is that it uses resources that are not usually exploited in common applications. It will combine camera, compass, geolocation and orientation of the mobile phone. All this synchronization will have an impressive result, and mainly useful.

Rime, Laurent
Vetterli, Martin

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Display the elements on the screen without the camera preview in background. Implemented in web code (html/javascript):
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Final presentation:
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Makes the link between web and native code to allow to display web content over native camera. Only implemented for Android.:
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Midterm presentation:
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