We introduce a model-independent strategy to study narrow resonances which we apply to a heavy vector triplet of the Standard Model (SM) group for illustration. The method is based on a simplified phenomenological Lagrangian which reproduces a large class of explicit models. Firstly, this allows us to derive robust model-independent phenomenological features and, conversely, to identify the peculiarities of different explicit realizations. Secondly, limits on sigma x BR can be converted into bounds on a few relevant parameters in a fully analytic way, allowing for an interpretation in any given explicit model. Based on the available 8TeV LHC analyses, we derive current limits and interpret them for vector triplets arising in weakly coupled (gauge) and strongly coupled (composite) extensions of the SM. We point out that a model-independent limit setting procedure must be based on purely on-shell quantities, like sigma x BR. Finite width effects altering the limits can be considerably reduced by focusing on the on-shell signal region. We illustrate this aspect with a study of the invariant mass distribution in di-lepton searches and the transverse mass distribution in lepton-neutrino final states. In addition to this paper we provide a set of online tools available at a dedicated webpage [1].