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Real-time full body motion imitation on the COMAN humanoid robot

On-line full body imitation with a humanoid robot standing on its own two feet requires simultaneously maintaining the balance and imitating the motion of the demonstrator. In this paper we present a method that allows real-time motion imitation while maintaining stability, based on prioritized task control. We also describe a method of modified prioritized kinematic control that constrains the imitated motion to preserve stability only when the robot would tip over, but does not alter the motions otherwise. To cope with the passive compliance of the robot, we show how to model the estimation of the center of mass of the robot using support vector machines. In the paper we give detailed description of all steps of the algorithm, essentially providing a tutorial on the implementation of kinematic stability control. We present the results on a child-sized humanoid robot called Compliant Humanoid Platform or COMAN. Our implementation shows reactive and stable on-line motion imitation of the humanoid robot.

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