Conference paper

ICFHR2014 Competition on Arabic Writer Identification Using AHTID/MW and KHATT Databases

This paper describes the first edition of the Arabic writer identification competition using AHTID/MW and KHATT databases held in the context of the 14th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (ICFHR2014). This competition has used the new freely available Arabic Handwritten Text Images Database written by Multiple Writers (AHTID/MW) and the Arabic handwritten text database called KHATT presented in ICFHR2012. We propose three tasks in this Arabic writer identification competition: the first and second are based respectively on word and text line level using the AHTID/MW database and the third one is paragraph based using the KHATT database. We received one system for the second task, three systems for the third task and none for the first task. All systems are tested in a blind manner using a set of images kept internal. A short description of the participating groups, their systems, the experimental setup, and the observed results are presented.


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