Visual backward masking is strongly deteriorated in both schizophrenia and healthy students high as compared to low in cognitive disorganisation (CD; no relationship with positive or negative schizotypy). In patients, this deterioration was also reflected in reduced amplitudes of the EEG (global field power: GFP). Here, we investigated whether reduced GFP during visual backward masking is also evident in high as compared to low CD scorers. The results of the GFP analysis confirmed this assumption. We also found a late EEG component in high CD scorers which was absent in low CD scorers and patients. This might reflect compensation mechanisms that are affected in patients. CD might be a risk marker for psychosis, while positive and negative schizotypy may reflect healthy personality traits, at least when performance in this potential endophenotype of schizophrenia is considered. Underlying mechanisms for the current deficit could be diminished target processing.