A 1024-sample serum analyzer chip for cancer diagnostics

We present a platform that combines microarrays and microfluidic techniques to measure four protein biomarkers in 1024 serum samples for a total of 4096 assays per device. Detection is based on a surface fluorescence sandwich immunoassay with a limit of detection of similar to 1 pM for most of the proteins measured: PSA, TNF-alpha, IL-1 beta, and IL-6. To validate the utility of our platform, we measured these four biomarkers in 20 clinical human serum samples, 10 from prostate cancer patients and 10 female and male controls. We compared the results of our platform to a conventional ELISA and found a good correlation between them. However, compared to a classical ELISA, our device reduces the total cost of reagents by 4 orders of magnitude while increasing throughput by 2 orders of magnitude. Overall, we demonstrate an integrated approach to perform low-cost and rapid quantification of protein biomarkers from over one thousand serum samples. This new high-throughput technology will have a significant impact on disease diagnosis and management.

Published in:
Lab On A Chip, 14, 15, 2642-2650
Cambridge, Royal Society of Chemistry

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