Exploratory numerical analysis of SG-laminated reinforced glass beam experiments

The paper focuses on the numerical investigation of SentryGlas®(SG)-laminated reinforced glass beams. This structural typology, rather innovative and currently under investigation, consists of a composite section in which the typical brittle behaviour of glass is overcome by means of stainless steel sections able to provide significant post-cracked residual strength and ductility. In these beams, coupling and interaction between the components is provided by thermoplastic SG-foils – having typical viscoelastic mechanical behaviour – able to bond together a brittle material (glass) with a ductile and high tension resistant material (steel). Based on earlier studies, exploratory numerical investigations are performed in the current study by means of several 2D and 3D FE-models. Large series of parametric studies are discussed, in order to highlight the influence of various geometrical and mechanical parameters, such as mesh size and pattern, glass cracking or shear stiffness of SG-foils. Modelling assumptions and simplifications presented in this work are validated and assessed also to analytical calculations of formulations derived from literature. As shown, although further extended studies and advanced numerical developments are required, interesting numerical predictions are found for the examined beams.

Published in:
Engineering Structures, 75, 457–468
Oxford, Elsevier

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