A Feasibility Experiment of a W-powder Target

The development of high‐powertargetsremains a key R&D; actvity for future facilities presently under study like the Neutrino Factory, Muon Collider or upgraded high‐power super beams for long‐baseline neutrino experiments. The choice of materials to sustain the beam power ranging up to MW levels is not trivial.Granular solid targets have been proposed and are being studied as a candidate for such high-power target systems. In the recently commissioned HiRadMat facility at CERN, a feasibility experiment of a tungsten powder target was performed. The experiment was designed to explore for first time the impact of a high‐power proton beam on a static W powder target in a thimble configuration. The diagnostics of the experiment were based on remote high‐speed photography as well as on laser‐doppler vibration measurements of the target containers. Results from the experimental findings are presented in this poster.


    • EPFL-POSTER-198975

    Record created on 2014-05-22, modified on 2017-05-12

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