The third Chinese PF conductor for ITER PF5 (PFCN3) and the fourth Chinese PF conductor for ITER PF2/3/4 (PFCN4) conductor in Phase II were manufactured in ASIPP and tested in the SULTAN facility. This paper introduces the PFCN3 and PFCN4 sample manufacture, including strand, sample preparation, current sharing temperature (T-cs), AC loss and Minimum Quench Energy (MQE) test performance of PFCN3 and PFCN4 conductors. The T-cs test result of PFCN4 conductor is consistent with the calculated result used the strand scaling and the T-cs test result of PFCN3 conductor is a little larger than calculated result, whose maximum difference is about 0.2 K. According to the SULTAN test result, the T-cs performance of both ElsevierPFCN3 and PFCN4 conductor sample could meet the ITER requirement. (C) 2014 Elsevier B. V. All rights reserved.