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Test Results of RF ITER TF Conductors in the SULTAN Test Facility

The cable-in-conduit-conductors (CICC) for the ITER Toroidal Field (TF) Coils are tested in the Sultan test facility in order to estimate their AC and DC performances under operating conditions. The tests are carried out on different stages of conductor procurement implementation starting from Nb3Sn superconducting strand layout and process development to regular checks of production unit lengths. Four TF samples provided by Russia have been successfully tested in the Sultan facility by now in the framework of the ITER collaboration, including Strand Performances Qualification Sample, Qualification Conductor Sample, Pre-production and Production Conductors sample. The test results of all four samples shows pretty good reproducibility of the conductor performances from sample to sample and at the same time good stability of conductor performance under mechanical loading caused by Lorenz force during electromagnetic (EM) cycling can be observed. In the present work a comparison of the conductors and their performance was carried out to show the development of conductor performances from R&D; stage to mass production.


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