Conference paper

Power-Efficient Joint Compressed Sensing of Multi-Lead ECG Signals

Compressed Sensing (CS) is a new acquisition- compression paradigm for low-complexity energy-aware sensing and compression. By merging both sampling and compression, CS is very promising to develop practical ultra-low power read- out systems for wireless bio-signal monitoring devices, where large amounts of sensor data need to be transferred through power-hungry wireless links. Lately CS has been successfully applied for real-time energy- aware single-lead ECG compression on resource-constrained Wireless Body Sensor Network (WBSN) motes. Building on our previous work, in this paper we propose a new and promising approach for joint compression of multi-lead ECG signals, where strong correlations exist between them. This situation that exhibit strong correlations, can be exploited to reduce even further amount of data to be transmitted wirelessly, thus addressing the important challenge of ultra-low-power embedded monitoring of multi-lead ECG signals.

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