Left-induced model structures and diagram categories

We prove existence results à la Jeff Smith for left-induced model category structures, of which the injective model structure on a diagram category is an important example. We further develop the notions of fibrant generation and Postnikov presentation from work of the second author, which are dual to a weak form of cofibrant generation and cellular presentation. As examples, for k a field and H a differential graded Hopf algebra over k, we produce a left-induced model structure on augmented H-comodule algebras and show that the category of bounded below chain complexes of finite-dimensional k-vector spaces has a Postnikov presentation. To conclude, we investigate the fibrant generation of (generalized) Reedy categories. In passing, we also consider cofibrant generation, cellular presentation, and the small object argument for Reedy diagrams.

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Contemporary Mathematics, 641, 49-81

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