Conference paper

Value Map: A Diagnostic Framework to Improve Value Creation and Capture in Service Systems

In this paper, we introduce a problem structuring method (PSM) called “Value Map”. Value Map is an extension to the Supplier Adopter Relationship Diagram in the Systemic Enterprise Architecture Method (SEAM). Value Map assists in understanding, analysis and design of value creation and capture in service systems. To develop the Value Map, we reviewed the literature that examine value creation and capture particularly in the marketing and microeconomics domains. The literature review helped us to discover and explore the relationships among the important concepts relevant to the processes of value creation and capture. Having identified these concepts and their relationships, we graphically represented them in the form of a conceptual model. The conceptual model provided insights into the structure and the dynamics of value creation and capture and served as a reference point for developing the notational elements and the modeling constructs in the Value Map. We illustrate the applicability of the Value Map by modelling value creation and capture in the service system of a social networking company called Webdoc.

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