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This paper introduces the OpenBuild toolbox for MATLAB. OpenBuild is a toolbox for advanced controller design for buildings heating ventilation and air conditioning systems, with emphasis on Model Predictive Control. It pro- vides researchers in the control community the ability to test algorithms on a wide range of realistic simulation scenarios, by providing most of the data needed to perform simulation and optimization. It combines the convenience of controller design in MATLAB with the simulation capabilities of the building simulation software EnergyPlus. It includes a building modeling tool to construct linear state-space models of building thermodynamics based on building description data, making it useful for design of optimal controllers requiring a good prediction model, as well as providing the input data necessary for simulation such as weather, occupancy and internal gains data. The ability to co-simulate the building between MATLAB and EnergyPlus enables fast prototyping and validation of the models and controllers. This paper presents the working principles and functionality of OpenBuild.