Book Chapter

Urban Morphology and Energy Consumption: Simplified Tools for the Estimation of Energy Needs and Solar Income at the Urban and District level

Urban form matters in assessing the energy consumption of buildings. This chapter introduces three useful tools to assess the environmental impact of the urban form and to define possible energy scenarios. These outcomes can be used to inform the redevelopment or the new design of urban districts, or simply to evaluate the overall energy performance of different urban fabrics. The tools presented comprise: a) simplified indicators of energy-dependent variables based on morphological information of the urban form; b) algorithms for the estimation of the heating energy needs of the urban fabric, based on the implementation of European Standards; c) algorithms for the assessment of the solar potential of the urban form, computing the solar irradiance impacting on different sloped urban surfaces. The techniques introduced are based on an innovative approach that makes use of Digital Urban Surface Models (DUSMs) and Digital Image Processing (DIP) techniques.


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