Method for fabricating an artificial compound eye

A method for fabricating an imaging system, the method comprising providing a flexible substrate (200), a first layer (220) comprising a plurality of microlenses (232) and a second layer (240) comprising a plurality of image sensors (242). The method further comprises stacking the first and the second layer (220; 240) onto the flexible substrate (200) by attaching the plurality of image sensors (242) to the flexible substrate, such that each of the plurality of microlenses (232) and image sensors (242) are aligned to form a plurality of optical channels (300) , each optical channel comprising at least one microlens and at least one associated image sensor, and mechanically separating the optical channels (300) such that the separated optical channels remain attached to the flexible substrate (200) to form a mechanically flexible imaging system.

Alternative title(s) : (de) Verfahren zur herstellung eines künstliches facettenauges (fr) Procédé de fabrication d'un oeil composé artificiel
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