Conference paper

Flexible and Robust Multilayer Micro-Vibrational Harvesters for High Acceleration Environments

This paper presents the fabrication and characterization of multilayer PVDF resonant micro-vibrational energy harvesters designed to withstand environments in which high levels of acceleration are present. The multilayer cantilevers are fabricated by combining two folded PVDF stacks into a multilayered, bimorph structure. This acts to increase the overall capacitance of the harvester, a problem that plaques PVDF cantilevers as a result of its low dielectric constant. Moderate powers (7 mu W) are produced from the cantilevers even at high acceleration levels (20 g) due to the limited piezoelectric coefficient of PVDF; however, as a result of the high tensile strength and low elastic modulus of PVDF, the cantilevers are able to survive extremely high accelerations (> 4000 g) without breakage - a critical problem for harvesters based on brittle piezoelectric materials and substrates.


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