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Dual-Polarized Partially Reflective Surface Antenna With MEMS-Based Beamwidth Reconfiguration

A partially reflective surface (PRS) antenna design enabling 1-bit dynamic beamwidth control is presented. The antenna operates at X-band and is based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. The reconfigurable PRS unit cell monolithically integrates MEMS elements, whose positions are chosen to reduce losses while allowing a considerable beamwidth variation. The combined use of the proposed PRS unit cell topology and MEMS technology allows achieving low loss in the reconfigurable PRS. In addition, the antenna operates in dual-linear polarization with independent beamwidth control of each polarization. An operative MEMS-based PRS unit cell is fabricated and measured upon reconfiguration, showing very good agreement with simulations. The complete antenna system performance is rigorously evaluated based on full-wave simulations and the unit cell measurements, demonstrating an 18 degrees and 23 degrees variation of the half-power beamwidth in the E-plane and the H-plane, respectively. The antenna radiation efficiency is better than 75% in all states of operation.


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