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Thermal diffusivity measurements of templated nanocomposite using infrared thermography

Electrodeposited bismuth telluride (Bi2Te3) nanowires using anodic alumina (AAO) templates show anisotropic thermal properties in a direction parallel and perpendicular to the nanowire/nanochannel axis. The present study reports thermal diffusivity measurement of templated Bi2Te3 nanowires in a direction perpendicular to the nanowire axis, using an active infrared thermography based noncontact technique. Measurements were performed on empty AAO templates of varying pore dimensions, AAO/Bi2Te3 nanocomposites and a single crystal Bi2Te3 sample. A first order lower bound model estimation showed nearly five-fold reduction of thermal conductivity in 200 nm Bi2Te3 nanowires as compared to the bulk values. (C) 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


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