Endoscopic tissue fluorescence life-time imaging by frequency domain light-induced fluorescence

An instrumentation is being developed to draw a fluorescence life-time map of tissue endoscopically. This fluorescence life-time of an endogenous or exogenous fluorochrome gives information about the physico-chemical environment which is thought to vary between normal and diseased tissue. The excitation light from a cw laser is modulated in amplitude at high frequencies by an electro-optic modulator and delivered to the endoscopic site through an optical fiber. The image of the tissue is spectrally split in two parts, the one being the backscattered excitation light, the other the fluorescence of the fluorochromes. Each image is focused on the photocathode of an image intensifier whose gain is modulated at the same frequency. By acquiring frames at different phases between the excitation and the emission, it is possible to calculate pixel by pixel the apparent fluorescence life-time of the corresponding tissue region.

Published in:
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2627, 40-48

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