Conference paper

Source Localization and Tracking in Non-Convex Rooms

We consider the estimation of the acoustic source position in a known room from recordings by a microphone array. We propose an algorithm that does not require the room to be convex, nor a line-of-sight path between the microphone array and the source to be present. Times of arrival of early echoes are exploited through the image source model, thereby transforming the indoor localization problem to a problem of localizing multiple sources in the free-field. The localized virtual sources are mirrored into the room using the image source method in the reverse direction. Further, we propose an optimization-based algorithm for improving the estimate of the source position. The algorithm minimizes a cost function derived from the geometry of the localization problem. We apply the designed optimization algorithm to track a moving source, and show through numerical simulations that it improves the tracking accuracy when compared with the naive approach.

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