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Block-Floating-Point Enhanced MMSE Filter Matrix Computation for MIMO-OFDM Communication Systems

n this paper we present an architecture for an MMSE filter matrix computation unit for signal detection in MIMO-OFDM communication systems. We propose to compute the required matrix inverse based on a Cholesky decomposition, followed by a Gauss-Jordan matrix inversion of the resulting triangular matrix. The high dynamic range required by this approach is traditionally conquered with custom floating-point formats or with fixed-point number representations with a large number of bits. We show in this paper that a block-floating- point scheme with only two normalization steps throughout the computation of the MMSE filter matrix is sufficient to achieve a BER performance close to that of a double precision floating- point implementation for a MIMO-OFDM systems with 64-QAM modulation. The corresponding circuit complexity is superior to that of a pure fixed-point implementation.


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