Current status of the engineering design of the test modules for the IFMIF

Under Broader Approach (BA) Agreement between EURATOM and Japan, IFMIF/EVEDA (International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility/Engineering Validation and Engineering Design Activities) has been performed since the middle of 2007. IFMIF presents three main facilities (the Accelerator Facility, Li Target Facility and Test Facilities). A previous design of IFMIF was summarized in the comprehensive design report [1]. The present EVEDA phase aims at producing a detailed, complete and fully integrated engineering design of IFMIF. The delivery of the "Intermediate IFMIF Engineering Design Report" is foreseen mid-2013. The goal of IFMIF is to obtain the indispensable design database to allow the design and licensing of DEMO and ensuring commercial reactors thanks to the materials data set obtained from planned evaluation tests such irradiations in high flux test modules (HFTM-vertical rig, HFTM-horizontal rig), medium flux test modules (creep fatigue test module, tritium release test module, liquid breeder validation module) and low flux test modules of IFMIF. In addition, the Startup Monitoring Module will be used for IFMIF commissioning. This paper is summarizing the overall current progress status of the engineering and conceptual design of the test modules in IFMIF/EVEDA. (C) 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Published in:
Fusion Engineering And Design, 88, 6-8, 746-750
Presented at:
27th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT)
Lausanne, Elsevier Science Sa

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