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This paper proposes a novel, low-profile UWB antenna for wireless body area network (WBAN) applications. The antenna has a polarization perpendicular to the body-free-space interface, which is interesting in order to minimize the coupling into the body. Its structure comprises a modified mono-cone with a top-cross-plate and is coaxially fed through the ground plane. The higher frequency band |S11| performance is due to the mono-cone while the top-cross-plate is responsible for the lower frequency band. This plate also leads to a height reduction when compared to conventional mono-cone antennas. A comprehensive parametric study is done to provide design guidelines. Both frequency- and time-domain results have been measured and presented to validate the design. Results show that the antenna operates from 3.06 to beyond 12 GHz based on |S11| ≤ -10 dB, radiates omni-directionally in the H-plane, and has a radiation efficiency over 95%. The system-fidelity factor for UWB signals is adequate for pulse transmission. Finally, the influence of the human proximity on the antenna matching was tested. Results show that its impedance is nearly unchanged as compared to free-space.