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Person Independent 3D Gaze Estimation From Remote RGB-D Cameras

We address the problem of person independent 3D gaze estimation using a remote, low resolution, RGB-D camera. The approach relies on a sparse technique to reconstruct normalized eye test images from a gaze appearance model (a set of eye image/gaze pairs) and infer their gaze accordingly. In this context, the paper makes three contributions: (i) unlike most previous approaches, we exploit the coupling (and constraints) between both eyes to infer their gaze jointly; (ii) we show that a generic gaze appearance model built from the aggregation of person-specific models can be used to handle unseen users and compensate for appearance variations across people, since a test user eyes' appearance will be reconstructed from similar users within the generic model. (iii) we propose an automatic model selection method that leads to comparable performance with a reduced computational load.

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