Dynamic bending compensation while focusing through a multimode fiber

Multimode fiber endoscopes have recently been shown to provide sub-micrometer resolution, however, imaging through a multimode fiber is highly sensitive to bending. Here we describe the implementation of a coherent beacon source placed at the distal tip of the multimode fiber, which can be used to compensate for the effects of bending. In the first part of this paper, we show that a diffraction limited focused spot can be generated at the distal tip of the multimode fiber using the beacon. In the second part, we demonstrate focusing even when the fiber is bent by dynamically compensating for it. The speckle pattern at the proximal fiber end, generated by the beacon source placed at its distal end, is highly dependent on the fiber conformation. We experimentally show that by intensity correlation, it is possible to identify the fiber conformation and maintain a focus spot while the fiber is bent over a certain range. Once the fiber configuration is determined, previously calibrated phase patterns could be stored for each fiber conformation and used to scan the distal spot and perform imaging. (c) 2013 Optical Society of America

Published in:
Optics Express, 21, 19, 22504-22514
Washington, Optical Society of America

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