A 0.18 mu m Biosensor Front-End Based on 1/f Noise, Distortion Cancelation and Chopper Stabilization Techniques

This paper presents a novel sensor front-end circuit that addresses the issues of 1/f noise and distortion in a unique way by using canceling techniques. The proposed front-end is a fully differential transimpedance amplifier (TIA) targeted for current mode electrochemical biosensing applications. In this paper, we discuss the architecture of this canceling based front-end and the optimization methods followed for achieving low noise, low distortion performance at minimum current consumption are presented. To validate the employed canceling based front-end, it has been realized in a 0.18 mu m CMOS process and the characterization results are presented. The front-end has also been tested as part of a complete wireless sensing system and the cyclic voltammetry (CV) test results from electrochemical sensors are provided. Overall current consumption in the front-end is 50 mu A while operating on a 1.8 V supply.

Published in:
IEEE Transactions On Biomedical Circuits And Systems, 7, 5, 660-673
Piscataway, Ieee-Inst Electrical Electronics Engineers Inc

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